Customer Support

We believe in using our expertise, experience, insight, and network to deliver professional advice, and custom solutions that will grow your business.

We are committed to offering world-class training experiences and learning opportunities for our valued customers.

At Transchem Group, we build customized training sessions for our valued customers and their staff so that they are equipped with the tools, knowledge, and skills to grow and succeed long-term.

We combine in-class and hands-on training sessions at our new training facility. It provides students access to an on-site car wash – a baseline environment to perform product tests, understands chemical installations, and learn best practices. Participants enjoy interactive training and our open floor discussions that enable them to learn and share experiences with each other. We work with our vendor partners and customers to help:

  • Identify and solve common cleaning challenges
  • Understand the chemistry of cleaning
  • Improve product knowledge and sales skills
  • Develop customized chemical solutions for customers
  • Optimize chemical performance and installation