Stop Losing Money.

Save with a ClearWash Reclaim System

You pay for every drop of water that comes into your wash. Get ClearWash to make the most of it, before it has to get flushed back into the sewer. With growing pressure from cities to conserve as well as increasing water costs, a ClearWash PR40 Reclaim System makes your car wash more efficient and effective with the resources it uses. Not only is it smart – it’s also green!

Transchem Group is the authorized North American distributor for ClearWash Reclaim Systems.


Reduce, Reuse, and Save Water Up To 60%

The ClearWash PR40 can drastically reduce your reliance on city water and help put money back into your pocket.

Clean, Reusable Water

The media filter from ClearWash PR40 efficiently removes grease, oil, and dirt from the reclaimed water, producing recycled water up to 5 microns at 40 gals/min even when the variable flow situation can become as low as one gal/minute.

Safe and Easy Odor Control

ClearWash makes odor control and management simple and easy for many operators. Other market solutions use chemicals, enzymes, and disposable filters to help control odors, which are time-consuming, labor-intensive, and frustrating to use. ClearWash is effective because it directly injects ozone into reclaim water at it is processed. All you need to do set the dial and let it run at its regular scheduled times. No more money and time spent on chemicals, enzyme treatments, disposable filter replacements, or cleaning.


Low Maintenance

Many reclaim systems require regular maintenance and cleaning of their equipment. Over time, these costs can add up. With ClearWash, we significantly reduced the number of routine maintenance work performed throughout the year. Operators benefit from:

  • No manual filter cleaning.
  • No chemical cleaning.
  • No filter replacements.
  • Only annual corona tube cleaning.

Easy Installation

The ClearWash PR40 has a small footprint so it will fit through a standard door. The tanks are installed after the base is secured into its final place, which makes it a desirable system to install in small pump rooms. This unit measures 55 9/16” L X 26 9/16” D X 95 7/8” H.Our equipment can be installed and start operating within 24 hours if plumbing, back-up water feed, settlement tanks, and electrical are all pre-installed. Our units are also built to seamlessly connect and replace the most common reclaim systems in the market.


Seasonality & Chemical Compatibility

Chemicals, salt or severe freezing temperatures can adversely affect odor and water quality in reclaim systems. ClearWash has proven to be a reliable and efficient system that can handle both chemistry and seasonal changes across North America and can be used with all soaps, waxes, sealants & protectants.


Save Water.
Save Money.


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