Custom Blending

Our Process

The process of developing and then proceeding to manufacture new cleaning chemicals is a cooperative undertaking. In some cases, these new cleaning products and formulations become proprietary ones for use solely by specific customers. Transchem and its clients work together in developing new products by continually communicating ideas to each other. Joint field testing and evaluation of new products helps to build a long-term relationship - and that is something that Transchem truly values. 


The entire product development process and subsequent blending of custom product is done so with high regard to confidentiality. Other than our own staff, no other party has knowledge of this process outside of our customer. 

Transchem has confidentiality agreements in place with all of our staff and many customers. 

The knowledge that any work carried out under our Custom Blending process is confidential provides our customers with a high level of comfort and confidence.

For more information about Transchem's Confidentiality/Proprietary Agreements, please contact us.